Happy Birthday Sam!

Sep 18, 2009 by

Well, today marks Dr Johnson’s 300th birthday and to kick off a weekend of celebrations, tonight Lichfield was treated to a son...

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Ghostly Dr Darwin

Sep 11, 2009 by

So we’ve been on the tour of the cellars, and have also been told that one of the ground floor rooms of the Erasmus Darwin...

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The Sheriff’s Ride

Sep 7, 2009 by

We’d just popped over to the pub on Saturday, when the traffic began to slow and we realised that the Sheriff’s Ride was...

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Aug 28, 2009 by

September 18-20 is Lichfield’s Heritage Weekend, though to mark Dr Johnson’s Birthday it’s going to be...

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Rainy Lichfield

Aug 4, 2009 by

We had visitors at the weekend, so it was the perfect excuse to get down to the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum again (not that I...

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The Queen’s Rangers

Jul 11, 2009 by

Here we have The Queen’s Rangers: members of the Society of King George the Third, who provide lectures and displays about this...

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