Rainy Lichfield

Aug 4, 2009 by

We had visitors at the weekend, so it was the perfect excuse to get down to the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum again (not that I need much of an excuse). Took the above photograph of Johnson’s statue, brooding over the rainy marketplace, from the third floor. Will it ever stop raining?

Photograph by Mrs Woffington: Some rights reserved (Attribution-NoDerivs License).

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  1. Lauren

    oh how I would so much rather be there than where I currently am, which is here :


    rain or no rain, I'm tired of the sunshine and want to wear my vaguely 18th c. inspired winter coats!!!

  2. Mrs Woffington

    Oh Lauren, lucky you! The rain continues in the UK, though I'm due for a short trip to sunny France very soon where I can hopefully wear something more stylish than a mac!