Welcome Back!

Nov 15, 2010 by

Well, firstly I just wanted to welcome you to the slightly new-look Memoirs of the Celebrated Mrs Woffington (don’t forget to bookmark this new address) and to say thank you for your continued support. Blogger was getting a bit of a struggle for me, what with its new themes, which I felt didn’t fit into the style of my site. I’ve been using WordPress for a while now on my business website, and I wanted to bring Mrs Woffington into the fold and host it on my own webspace. I hope you like it. Regular readers, don’t be alarmed – I’ve tried not to change the content, so you’ll find that everything is pretty much in the same place as it was before, including all the archives with your comments still intact. I’m hoping that the new-look site will inspire me to blog  a little more regularly; I’ve been pretty bad at it lately, but it feels good to be back in the 18th-century saddle.

Let’s catch up again soon.

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