Lichfield Literature

Oct 7, 2010 by

It’s the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness in Staffordshire, and that means one thing: the Lichfield Literature festival...

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@DrSamuelJohnson’s Dicti...

Sep 11, 2010 by

I can’t believe it’s taken over a week to get around to telling you about this, but the life of an 18th-century...

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Prince Frederick’s Barge

Aug 5, 2010 by

There’s something else I wanted to recommend at the National Maritime Museum; on the ground floor they have an extraordinary...

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Nelson’s Coat

Jul 28, 2010 by

I blogged a while ago about our trip to Greenwich and our brief visit to the National Maritime Museum, but I wanted to mention it...

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Chips off the Old Block

Jun 7, 2010 by

A while ago we got wind of a fundraising scheme by The Friends of Lichfield Cathedral to auction off damaged sections of the...

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Two Blogs to Cherish

Jun 3, 2010 by

Things have been pretty busy lately but I’m glad to say I’ve been steered towards a couple of great blogs that have...

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Georgian Leeds: Part Two

Jun 2, 2010 by

I can’t help feeling sad for Leeds Assembly Rooms. In the late 18th century it was a glorious venue where balls and card...

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